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Agostina, Italy: Shane Filan is an amazing SINGER but he is a really beautiful person: nice, kind, sociable, lovable.... Mythical!
Alison Macleod: Everything - what's not to like about Shane.
Alison Tetley: What's not to love the most every inch of perfection.
Ameenah Mzokomera: He seems romantic.
Andrea Ares Castro, Spain: Everything but his smile is special for me.
Angie Jansons: Being so down to earth and respect for his fans.
Anita Sakhrani: What's not to love? He's absolutely adorable!
Annette, Denmark: One of the things I love the most is, how he treats his fans.  He always make me feel welcome when I meet him.
Arah Bella, Philippines: What do I love most about Shane Filan? His voice and his handsome face!
Barta  Tünde, Hungary: Random I found this album one month ago.  I did not know, I have not heard any of Westlife's songs before, nor Mr Filan's songs because of my age. Captivating voice.  It is full of something, an elusive force.  Of course, since then I have watched a lot of videos.  There is something wonderful about Mr. Filan.  Thank God, he is not an American-type star.  I hope Shane will visit again in Eastern Europe, although I can fly to him to sing "Flying without Wings".
Brenda Filan: Everything about Shane!
Carol Goodwin, UK: Everything.
Cassie Filan: Everything!
Christine Hanlon: Everything
Chx Tan: His voice.
Claire G, Crewe, UK: His smile.
Cristina Rivero Cueto, Philippines: His voice, smile, and handsome face.
Donna Gary Ashall: Everything.
Eileen Creamer, Tipperary: Everything to be honest.
Eleanor Giovanni, Israel: his voice, smile, eyes, all his face, and everything about him.
Elizabeth Luff: Everything he is perfect .
Emma Lynch, Ireland: his warm smile, cute personality, how he cares so much about his fans, beautiful voice and music, his hugs and more.
Erin: All of him.
Fibi Felisita Victory: His smile, voice, and the fact that he's Irish!!
Frances Nicholls: Everything! He's just Perfection. Makes my heart skip a beat and makes me smile everytime I see him or hear his amazing voice!
Georgette, UK:  "cause all of me, loves all of you".  I mean really, what is there not to love about Shane Filan?? That's my answer.
Giller Reichstadt Mein: Such a perfect guy to all girls.
Ginette Byrne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK: Everything.
Goldmary Ransome: I love his amazing voice, SHANE is the best singer ever.
Grace Marethy Sibarani: Everything.  His voice, especially.
Gypsy Gal Lou, UK: Everything.
Heather, Chesterfield: Everything he is just Perfection in every way.
Iben Isager: His lovely voice and the nice way he treats his fans.
Irene Yang, Taiwan: His warm smile and amazing voice is what I love most about Shane.
Jacque Assunção: Special voice, lovely family man, good looking guy, with that irish accent... The whole package!
Jamaira Camar: Everything about Shane.
Janice Cruickshank: Everything he is brilliant.
Jerbie Estrella: Shane has a beautiful voice...
Jessica Peoplle, Hampshire, UK: Shane is very down to earth and you can see how much he loves his fans.
Jhanice Feolino, Philippines: I love shane filan. Specially the most I love his voice, very gentle voice! He looks so perfect!
Jo Watkiss: Shane Filan: EVERYTHING... The mans a legend!!
Juanjo Rodriguez:  His voice, outfits, charisma, and his time to the fans... Fianers.
Julie Cook: Great voice, family man, and everybody likes a bit of Irish he's just perfect.
Julia Pennell: All of him.
Julie Gruntvig Refstrup: I love Shane Filan's smile and songs from his new album - they are the best songs ever in my life.  I love Shane because he is a loving, sweet, warm and caring person.
Juliette Ringrose, UK: Shane is an excellent singer and is just so down to earth.  I like everything about him!!
Juzter Raivin Lee, China: I love his eyes and teeth.
Karen Hooper: Everything.
Katy Fok, Hong Kong: I love his voice , his smile , his character and I think he is so perfect in my heart!
Kay Stephen, Aberlour, Scotland: Everything, but that smile of his just makes my day every day!
Kelly Hau: His vocals.
Klaireen Joy Barredo Alberto: His voice!
Kerrie Louise Lawn: Shane "I would change the world before I change a thing about you"!
Khôi Nguyn: His voice, smile.
Linzi Leadbetter: His smile.
Lisa Ecob: Lovely voice, sent shivers down my spine when I he spoke to me.
Lizzy Hummels: His voice is amazing! and his smile
Louise Hale, UK: Amazing singer & lovely with the fans.
Madrigal Jhanz: For being humble down to earth and his voice.
Maraya Remoquillo Esteban: I admire him not only because of his talent, but also for his BIG LOVE and RESPECT to all the people around him specially to us... (his fans).
Marie Rayner, UK: his voice, he is really sexy and lovely to talk too.
Moses Stoic Maingi: All of him.
Myat Moe Aung: Everything.
Nathalie L, Belgium: His voice and his social kindness.
Nicky Hutchings: That beautiful voice.
Nicola Reilly, Ireland: How he treats his fans.  He's humble, that cute smile, amazing hug.  Most of all his kind hearted. #BasicallyEverything
Nuruddin Nalif Filan: He's not a bad singer !! He's a good singer !! That's why I do love him.
Phuong Linh Tran, Vietnam: Everything.
Planet Sarah:  He got a fantastic voice, writes his own, beautiful songs and even with all the success he seems very down to earth.
Randi Jessen: His totally "down to Earth" attitude and the way he treats people (gave my to boys as 7 & 3 yrs old the best experience in 2008 home in Sligo when he stopped his car and came out just to chat to them) and as always his voice.
Ridwan Kusumah: His voice, his smile, his love to all his family and friends.
Romnick Ejas: His voice and the way when he perform on the stage.
Sabrina Schaffer: Everthing!!!
Sandra Green: His vocal chords, closely followed by his smile!
ShaneFilanStar, Philippines: What I love most about Shane is him being Shane, Perfection!
ShanelleDriscoll:  His Kindness/how nice he is.
Shantel Moolman: Shane has an amazing voice and good looks too; but Iove that he has gone further with his career.
Shirley Hendry, UK: How can you pick one thing?. Mr Perfection
Siyabulela Stofile, South Africa: That musical voice of his and everything!!
Steph Hewer: Everything he's perfect.
Vic C. Suela: IDOL
Vivian Rose Filan: I love him because he is Shane and that's the biggest gift ever!  He is God's amazing gift to mankind.
Wendy Puddy, UK: Well where to start, smile, good natured, beautiful voice, actually everything, just love him.
William Bruce Rose: Voice
Winyi A Denes, Uganda: Everything of him.
Yvonne Stoneley: I love everything about him.